Meet Radhika and Yashoda – two sisters who live in a remote village in the Himalayas. It takes them 2-3 hours to get to school depending on the weather. That might not sound like a big deal, lots of people all over the world have long commutes. Well, Radhika and Yashoda don’t have access to […]

Last night he met her at a party. She was a lot more outgoing. Maybe it was the alcohol? Yesterday she had a tattoo on her neck, but not today. Also, where’s the dimple on her right cheek? And then he realizes… he’s on a date with the wrong twin.

My happiest memory in school was the day I got to eat pie after morning assembly had ended. I was late to school that day and I walked into morning assembly while the announcements were going on. I took my seat awkwardly, squeezing myself in the middle of two students on the bench. As soon […]

What’s the dumbest idea you’ve ever had? Did people make fun of you for thinking of such a dumb idea? Well, Steve Gadlin thought of a dumb idea and he never thought anyone would take it seriously, but his idea led to him to appear on Shark Tank, a show where you pitch your business […]

As a writer of fiction and ads, it is my firm belief that creativity cannot be controlled. Almost every good story I’ve ever written can be credited to incredible luck. But I have to work really hard to get lucky – you have to keep writing and writing and writing and eventually you’ll feel that […]

What if you were sick and the only cure was to have an old lady lick your eyeball? I know that sounds gross, but there really is an 80-year-old lady in Bosnia who charges 10 Euros to lick eyeballs. Her talented tongue can remove lead, iron, sawdust, coal and even glass from her patients’ eyes. […]

Imagine living in a world full of women, like Themyscira. Imagine if climate change caused the planet to get so hot that all the men burned to death but women were strong enough to take the heat. Something close to this fictional scenario is currently happening on our planet. Green sea turtles in the Great […]