Do we need further proof that age is just a number?

For a long time, the world has been asking, “When will Roger Federer retire?” But he still has fuel left in the tank. Even before Federer won three grand slams in the past year, I was still impressed with his performance during the 5-year stretch he endured without winning a grand slam. Because during those 5 years he was still one of the world’s top players. But what he’s done in the past one year – winning three grand slams – is truly remarkable. He’s the second oldest player to ever win a grand slam and I’d honestly be surprised if he didn’t break that record. He’s already the oldest man to ever win a Wimbledon.

Sure, you could argue that Federer is lucky because his rivals are injured but that would be an insult to the healthy young players he has beaten. Before the 2018 Australian Open, he himself said, “I don’t think a 36-year-old should be a favorite of a tournament.” But he was indeed expected to win the Australian Open this year and he only dropped two sets during the entire tournament. Fortunately, his back problems did not hinder him. In fact, Federer did not even take any anti-inflammatory pills during this tournament, which he said was unusual because he knows guys his age that took these pills daily.

What I personally appreciate about Federer is that he never gave up no matter how many people underestimated him. Take a look at this ominous article from August 2013. The headline is: ‘Shouldn’t Roger Federer just bow out gracefully?’ And the subheadline is: ‘The Swiss is slipping from the heady terrain he used to inhabit and if he keeps falling it will tarnish his golden image.’ I bet the person who wrote that article is eating their words right now. Father Time will eventually come for Federer, but until then, let’s consider ourselves lucky to witness his accomplishments.

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