When almost everything goes wrong…

Yesterday, many things went wrong. On the way to the doctor, there was a multi-vehicle collision on a major highway, which made me two hours late for my appointment. If I had listened to the news before leaving, I would’ve been aware of the road situation and could’ve postponed the appointment. But as usual, I started listening to the news (on the radio) while I was stuck in traffic. That’s what I get for forgetting what my dad always says: listen to the news before heading out! So, while I was stuck in traffic, I called the doctor to inform him that I would be late, and luckily I made it in time before the doctor went home. I am sad to say that was the only bit of luck I experienced today.

Well, I suppose I’m lucky I wasn’t involved in that lethal accident. I passed by the wreckage and one car was completely squished and mangled, a truck was upside down, and the police and paramedics were all over the scene. Two victims of that collision are in critical condition at the hospital. I’m not sure why it takes so long to clear the wreckage, but apparently it took 12 hours, so for half the day the traffic was essentially at a standstill. Even though I slightly altered my route to the doctor, the traffic was unrelenting.

Before I even reached the doctor’s clinic, I accidentally went to the wrong building and the wrong clinic. The correct building was actually right next door, but I wound up at another clinic with a very similar name. My doctor’s clinic’s name is ‘Yonge & Sheppard Medical Centre’ and I ended up at a clinic called ‘Yonge & Sheppard Health Centre’. I wasted at least 20 minutes figuring out how to get to the right place. Two different people had to give me directions.

After I got a prescription to some antibiotics that will help me deal with my acne, I went to the pharmacy to get the medicine. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the medicine so I had to go to another pharmacy… which was practically located inside a maze. The pharmacist at the first pharmacy said the second pharmacy was right across the street but it wasn’t that simple. The second pharmacy was in an area with a lot of construction, and it took forever to find. After I found it, I was told that it would take about 15 minutes to get the medicine ready, so I ate some pizza to kill time.

The pizza was from Pizza Pizza, a famous pizza chain in Canada. It tastes good but in the last few years, I think the quality has declined. After you finish eating it, even though it tastes amazing, you can’t help but feel like you’re going to puke for the next ten days. It’s one of those things that you know is nasty but you can’t resist it. I regret eating it and next time I hope I don’t fall for such a foul temptation.

Upon returning to the pharmacy to collect my medicine, I was told that I shouldn’t take the medicine for at least two hours if you’ve consumed too much calcium or iron. Unluckily for me, I had just eaten a cheesy slice of pizza, so I had to wait till the next day to take the medicine, because the meds should only be taken after food.

After all this, I thought I could go home in peace. I was wrong. When I reached my car that was in an underground parking garage, I realized I had lost my parking ticket. You take a parking ticket when you enter the parking lot and you feed the ticket back to the machine on your way out so the machine can charge you according to how long you parked. Since I’d lost my ticket like a moron, I had to pay the maximum daily fee. So I paid over $20 when I could’ve just paid a few dollars had I not lost the ticket.

As you can see, it was a day where almost everything went wrong. Though it could’ve been worse. The news also reported that a school bus had gone up in flames (luckily no injuries, when the bus started smoking all the kids went out) and a man on a train was randomly stabbed in the face with an ice pick. So, when you take all that into account, perhaps I was more lucky than unlucky.

I would like to end this post with a warning. Today on the radio I heard an ad for Pizza Pizza’s Valentine’s Day promotion: they are selling special heart-shaped pizzas. The heart-shaped pizza even comes with a greeting card that says: ‘You’ve got a pizza my heart.’ Isn’t that cute? My advice is to avoid it at all costs because that heart-shaped pizza can only lead to heart problems.

8 thoughts on “When almost everything goes wrong…

      1. I thought that this was one of your dark “stories”. I didn’t know it was true! Wowee! I echo Arbee’s sentiments in that I’m glad that you are alright. But stay away from that pizza and crazy people!

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