How I Write Fiction

Life is measured in moments. You can spend your moments doing a variety of things. I absorb each moment into my very being and what comes out is fiction. Every story and every book I’ve read, every film and every TV show I’ve watched, every life experience I’ve experienced – they are all moments and I suck it all in like a vacuum cleaner. Once those moments are inside me, I stop thinking and I let my creative organs transform those real-life moments into fictional stories. Zero thinking involved.

To me this makes sense because I don’t consciously think about what my regular organs do to keep me alive. Nobody does. I don’t consciously manage my heart or my lungs or my kidneys. I give my regular organs the space they need to do their thing. Can you imagine how stressful life would be if you had to actively monitor your organs? You’d be so busy doing that, that there wouldn’t be time to do anything else.

Once my creative organs have done all the hard work, I start writing. What comes out isn’t always pretty. Sometimes it’s downright ugly. But I don’t throw it away. I recycle. I’ve kept many of my bad stories and over time I make them better. If you had a naughty child, would you throw it away? No, even though it might be tempting. It takes good parenting and a lot of patience to transform a brat into a responsible adult. It takes patience to transform a bad story into a good story.

Inhale. Exhale. That’s my creative writing strategy in a nutshell. Breathe in life. Breathe out fiction.

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