He slowly unlocks the front door of his flat. His sister has never been good at keeping secrets. He shuts his eyes and steps inside, waiting for everyone to yell, “SURPRISE!”

But after a few moments of silence, he opens his eyes. The flat is empty. He looks around and finds a sticky note on the fridge: ‘Come to the terrace’

When he gets there only his sister is present. She wishes him a HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY.

She’s seated at a small round table, with a small chocolate cake on it. He got the exact same cake for her 30th birthday two years ago.

“I wanted to throw a big party for you.” She says. “But all our friends are busy with their kids.”

“Don’t worry about it.” He replies. “This is perfect.”

Their parents have been nagging both of them to get married and settle down.

“What will society think?” Their parents keep asking.

“Screw society.” They keep replying.

They’ll be fine as long as they have each other.


Writer: Rohan

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