Part 1

Her older brother made her drop out of school so that she could do more chores.

“What’s the point of going to school if you don’t get good marks?” He asks.

“Because you don’t let me study! I spend all my time cooking and cleaning!”

He slaps her. He hits her every time she answers back, which is basically every time she takes a breath because she can’t resist provoking him. She wishes he was kind like her father. She wishes her parents were still around.

One day she goes to his bedroom and asks him if she can get a tattoo.

“Tattoos are for loose women.” He says while combing his hair. He’s getting ready for a date.

“Plus, I can’t afford it.” He adds.

She’s tempted to ask if he can at least afford a better haircut, but she can’t afford another beating. She’s been limping for the past two days.

Months later her friend gets her a tattoo as a birthday present. The tattoo is a small boomerang on her right arm.

Her brother fumes when he sees the tattoo at the dinner table.

“You just don’t learn, do you?” Her brother says.

“But you didn’t have to pay for it! It was a present!” She says.

“My birthday gift to you will be purity – something you are clearly lacking.”

Her brother grabs a fork and stabs her right where the tattoo is.


Final Part

It’s the week before her brother’s wedding. She wishes she was old enough to move out because his fiancée is as cruel as him. She doesn’t know how she’ll live with two tyrants.

Her brother comes home late at night after a night out with his friends. It was his bachelor party. She opens the door to let him in. He smells like sweat and alcohol. She tries not to vomit.

“Why didn’t you take the keys with you?” She asks sleepily.

“Shut up.” He pushes her out of the way and starts going up the stairs to his bedroom.

But he trips on the stairs and falls down. He cries out in pain. He tries to get up but he’s unable to move.

“Help me up!” He yells. “I think I broke my back!”

She looks at him curiously. He’s never been so powerless before.

Then she looks at the boomerang on her right arm. It hardly looks like a boomerang anymore, thanks to the scar he gave her.

She goes to the kitchen and grabs two forks. She returns to her brother.

“What goes around comes around.” She whispers and stabs him in the eyes.


Writer: Rohan

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