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“Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” – Tweet by Justine Sacco, PR Professional While Justine was on a flight from New York to South Africa, she tweeted this joke during her layover at Heathrow. She only had 170 followers so even after half an hour no one had replied […]

As a writer of fiction and ads, it is my firm belief that creativity cannot be controlled. Almost every good story I’ve ever written can be credited to incredible luck. But I have to work really hard to get lucky – you have to keep writing and writing and writing and eventually you’ll feel that […]

Domino’s was going through a rough period in the US in 2008. During a focus group, participants were ruthless. They said that the pizza box tasted better than the actual pizza. They said the crust was rubbery. They said the sauce tasted like ketchup. They said that Domino’s has fake chefs, fake kitchens, and fake […]

In the early 1980s, Levi Strauss wasn’t doing so well. The once iconic American brand was completely out of touch with their audience and nobody thought they were cool anymore. Their ad agency, McCann Erickson, had created such an atrocious ad campaign for them that every time people saw the ad, sales would go down. […]

Ad industry veteran Luke Sullivan says that the creative process for any creative field (art, writing, music, etc.) is like washing a pig – it’s messy, you don’t know where to start and once you’re done you’re not sure if the pig is clean. I completely agree. In fact, I think life is like washing […]