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I was browsing Reddit and reading why some people were staying at home on New Year’s Eve instead of going out to celebrate. Sad answers were along the lines of nobody inviting them to a party or that it was too cold to go outside – now the second one I can relate to. After […]

Five years ago an American guy (AG) met an Indian girl (IG). There was an instant connection – they were completing each other’s sentences from the very beginning. They’ve been doing long distance for the last few years and it’s been hard. Her conservative father (CF) has made it harder. CF is against the relationship. […]

When the Han Empire collapsed at the end of the 2nd century, general Ts’ao Ts’ao emerged as the most powerful man in China. In order for Ts’ao Ts’ao to gain power and erase any remaining rivals, he launched a campaign to take control of the strategically vital Central Plain, known as Zhongyuan today and considered […]

When Bruno Mars was in school he was quite good at Elvis and Michael Jackson impersonations and used to participate in the talent show every year. Jim Carey’s teacher said Jim was the strangest kid he’d ever met – Jim used to have conversations with a wall. He’d give the wall a unique voice and […]

Today at the end of yoga class we were doing Shavasana, known as Corpse Pose, which basically means that we lie down and rest. It doesn’t always mean we lie flat on our back with our legs sticking out straight ahead. Sometimes you lie down with your legs up a wall (legs are straight and […]

It’s alright, don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault. If you lived before the age of Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, your ex’s name wouldn’t be in the ‘Recently Searched’ section of your social media accounts. It’s only natural to keep tabs on your ex – Who are they dating now? Are they making more […]