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I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto since I was a kid. I’ve always appreciated a video game’s story more than the actual gameplay, which is why GTA has been one of my favorite games, because it has a deep story. The gameplay is fun too, but this week I’ve been watching GTA IV on YouTube […]

Men: to understand the kind of creepiness that women go through in the real world at the hands of men, try playing as a female character in Grand Theft Auto: Online, an open world online multiplayer video game. You’ll learn what it’s like to be walking in public and have some random dude follow you […]

Let’s talk about Injustice 2 – A fighting video game for PS4. You can fight with DC characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. etc. I always had a dream as a kid (a kid that loved doing karate) – to become a world fighting champion. That didn’t quite work out, injuries and a lack […]