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We’ve all made mistakes. Some huge, some small, some catastrophic. Take Robert Downey Jr., he had his troubles with drug addiction but he overcame his demons to emerge as a stronger human being. But there are some people, especially journalists, that aren’t content with letting the past stay where it belongs. Robert Downey Jr. was […]

Imagine living in a world full of women, like Themyscira. Imagine if climate change caused the planet to get so hot that all the men burned to death but women were strong enough to take the heat. Something close to this fictional scenario is currently happening on our planet. Green sea turtles in the Great […]

On the dawn of November 27, three days before Cyclone Ockhi hit Tamil Nadu, India, eleven fishermen set sail on a wooden boat. They were in good spirits, it was going to be their last fishing expedition of 2017 and they wanted to return home before Christmas to enjoy the holidays. Three of them wouldn’t […]

When I was studying advertising in college, the project I enjoyed most was creating an ad campaign to raise awareness for dementia. While doing research, I found out about a nursing home that was unique because unlike most nursing homes worldwide, it doesn’t treat its patients like inmates. Hogeweyk is a village for people with […]

Once upon a time a teenager broke into National Zoo in Washington, D.C. and stole two venomous snakes because he was creating his own zoo in the vacant apartment of his public housing complex. He’d already amassed a sizeable collection of birds, bats, fish, and mice. The species of the snake he stole is called […]