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What’s the dumbest idea you’ve ever had? Did people make fun of you for thinking of such a dumb idea? Well, Steve Gadlin thought of a dumb idea and he never thought anyone would take it seriously, but his idea led to him to appear on Shark Tank, a show where you pitch your business […]

Steve Jobs dropped out of college after the first 6 months but stuck around for another 18 months so that he could attend select classes he was passionate about. During the first 6 months as a full-time student, he wasn’t growing as a person because he had to take classes that didn’t interest him. But […]

First, please don’t take the title literally. I find that most people take words too literally instead of focusing on the underlying message. Just because retired US Admiral William H. McRaven believes that making your bed is one small step towards success, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be a failure if you don’t make your […]

It’s been nearly 10 years since 10 terrorists attacked Bombay – killing about 150 and wounding about 300. The attack lasted 4 days and occurred in South Bombay: at the Taj Mahal Hotel, Trident-Oberoi Hotel, Nariman House, Café Leopold, CST train station, and Cama Hospital. Here’s a question for you: If you were working at […]

I wrote about Randy Pausch a week ago and I’ll be talking a little more about him today. When he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he decided to make every minute count. For instance, when he was out buying groceries one day, he used the self-scan isle to save time (the line with an actual […]

What if a doctor told you that you only had a few months left to live? When Randy Pausch, computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he decided to leave a powerful and timeless legacy. He delivered an inspiring last lecture at Carnegie Mellon (which was videotaped) and even wrote a […]