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Public bathroom stalls in North America are strange – the door doesn’t cover everything, you can see the bottom and a little on the side as well. It’s as if the government is trying to save money by not constructing a full-sized door. So when someone sits on the toilet, you can see their shoes […]

Yesterday, many things went wrong. On the way to the doctor, there was a multi-vehicle collision on a major highway, which made me two hours late for my appointment. If I had listened to the news before leaving, I would’ve been aware of the road situation and could’ve postponed the appointment. But as usual, I […]

About 12 years ago when I was in grade 10, I went on a three-week hiking trip in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. I was very excited at first. When we were on the bus headed for the mountains, there was a cute brunette girl that I’d hoped would be in my hiking group. […]

Let me start off by stating that most of the staff at Hotel Anonymous are very warm and very friendly. And the food is OUTSTANDING. But sometimes, the staff members have as much common sense as the monkeys that roam about the hotel premises. Rishikesh, a hill station in Northern India, is filled with monkeys […]

The quality of the foodgasm I got from eating this Strawberry Waffle from Coffee by Di Bella cannot be described in mere words. But I’ll try. The first bite brought back an interesting memory: a fight I had with my ex during my brief stint in college. We were talking on the phone and I […]

My happiest memory in school was the day I got to eat pie after morning assembly had ended. I was late to school that day and I walked into morning assembly while the announcements were going on. I took my seat awkwardly, squeezing myself in the middle of two students on the bench. As soon […]

Whenever Indians ask me why I’d leave Canada to return to India, here’s what I say: When the world zigs, zag. Basically, I do the opposite of what the general population does so that I can acquire unique life experiences. Naturally this bold proclamation tends to raise eyebrows because most people hesitate to live life […]