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What if I die before an important movie (like Infinity War) comes out? What if I die before Game of Thrones Season 8 comes out? The very thought sends shivers down my spine, it turns my blood cold, it makes me want to seek out the secret to immortality so that I don’t miss out […]

The Devil could be lying dormant in someone very close to you. All it takes is the right stimulus to jolt them awake. And once they’ve realized who they really are, they’ll do things that’ll make you wonder whether god is asleep. Because if god were awake and paying attention, he would at least try […]

I’m watching Punisher on Netflix and I’m enjoying it so far. This is the first Netflix show I’m not binging because I want the fun to last as long as possible. Here’s how Frank Castle establishes himself as a relentless pursuer of justice in the first three minutes of the first episode: Some good-for-nothing, scumbag drug dealer […]

Skyler White from Breaking Bad could teach a class on the art of closing a deal. Early in Season 4, she was determined to buy a car wash to help her drug-manufacturing husband launder his money. What a supportive partner. The husband, Walter White, might’ve listened to his lawyer who advised him to buy a […]

As a wise person on Reddit once said: “If any TV show were to come to a sudden and unexpected end, it makes sense that it’d be one named ‘House of Cards.’” House of Cards used to be my favorite TV show. I loved the first season and the second was alright but then it […]

Once upon a time a baby alien lost his way and landed on Earth. The baby alien was frightened by the unfamiliar surroundings, and hid deep in a corner of the forest. Somewhere else in the forest, an equally frightened little boy is running for his life, trying to escape a group of merciless bullies. […]