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What if you were sick and the only cure was to have an old lady lick your eyeball? I know that sounds gross, but there really is an 80-year-old lady in Bosnia who charges 10 Euros to lick eyeballs. Her talented tongue can remove lead, iron, sawdust, coal and even glass from her patients’ eyes. […]

Sick of capitalism? Tired of the rat race? Then perhaps a communist nudist colony is for you. There’s one in Kerala, India known as the Siddha Samaj and they have zero concept of private ownership. They grow their own food and to sustain themselves financially, they manufacture Ayurvedic medicine which they sell to others outside […]

Step 1 – Kill spouse and discreetly dispose of the body Step 2 – Pour acid on your lover’s face Step 3 – Lover gets plastic surgery to look like spouse Believe it or not, two contemptible individuals actually tried and failed this three step formula. The wife had been married to her husband for […]

I’m going to attempt to profile a flat-earth believer (FEB) because I can’t stop wondering what kind of person would actually believe, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that the Earth is flat. According to Buzzfeed News, a person doesn’t become an FEB overnight. It’s a gradual process. They are initially skeptical that […]

Geomythology is the real geological event behind a myth or legend. Of course some myths and legends are entirely fictional but others are based on real historical/geological events. Let’s begin with Teonimanu, a former island of the Solomon Islands that somehow disappeared. Here’s the fun version, or the myth, behind Teonimanu’s disappearance: A cuckolded husband’s […]

How do you feel about wrestling a dangerous animal to impress a potential life partner? That’s what you have to do if you’re a man seeking a wife in a remote part of Madagascar. These men wrestle wild bulls to impress future wives so that babies can be made. God forbid if your family name […]