Decision Maker

“Don’t go.” She holds him tight.

“I have to. My brothers are out there.”

“They are warriors. You are not.”

“Doesn’t matter.” He gets out of bed. “I have to try and help them.”

The prince and princess are in the castle while the battle rages around them – The clashing of steel, flaming arrows brightening the night, a river of blood flowing into the sea.

“You’ll die out there.” The princess says. “Let’s run away. We can take a boat and go anywhere.”

“I should already be on the battlefield.” The prince puts on his oversized armor.

The princess sighs. She opens a cabinet and takes out a bottle of wine. She pours some wine into a glass.

“Here.” She hands him the glass. “This will calm your nerves.”

The prince takes a gulp. Moments later he starts swaying. The princess grabs him before he falls.

She had put a sleeping draught in the bottle of wine this morning because she had a feeling that her prince would want to do something foolish.

She carries him out of the castle and goes to the docks. She puts him in a boat and starts rowing. When he wakes up, he will once again be grateful that she is the decision maker in their relationship.


Writer: Rohan

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