He lost friends when he needed them the most. They stopped wishing him happy birthday, they rarely texted, and when they did meet him once in a long while, it was only as a last resort, if all their other plans got cancelled. And they rarely hung out with him for more than half an hour before leaving, often not even bothering to give an explanation for their sudden departure. The bond he shared with his best friend was as strong as steel, but now it’s thinner than his hair.

Perhaps his hair loss is driving people away? The more hair he loses, the uglier he looks. No, that can’t be it. You don’t have to be good looking to have friends, do you? The one good thing to have come out of his hair loss is that he’s started working out every night. Soon he’ll have zero hair and a bald look is easier to pull off if you’re fit. And at least he won’t have to bother getting a haircut anymore, but then again it’s nice to get out of the house for any reason and be surrounded by people. It’s been months since he stepped outside.

One day his best friend calls him asking for money. It’s been over a year since they last spoke. His best friend is getting buried alive in student debt. Should he write a cheque to his friend? He’s been saving money for a while, he wants to buy a new home in a quieter neighborhood. In the end he decides to give the money to his friend the money. What will he do with a bigger home? He has no one to share it with.

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