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About 12 years ago when I was in grade 10, I went on a three-week hiking trip in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. I was very excited at first. When we were on the bus headed for the mountains, there was a cute brunette girl that I’d hoped would be in my hiking group. […]

He was the first in his family to get a college degree. And now he’s the first to own a smartphone. He gazes lovingly at his brand new iPhone. Can’t afford a case but that’s okay, he’ll find a cheap one elsewhere. But as he pushes open the door to leave the Apple Store, someone […]

With chaotic work schedules, they’ve hardly had time to meet. Today they spent the whole day together – they went to the beach, had pizza, and now they’re home watching TV. Eventually she falls asleep on his shoulder, which is still sore because her sister fell asleep on it last night.

For a long time, the world has been asking, “When will Roger Federer retire?” But he still has fuel left in the tank. Even before Federer won three grand slams in the past year, I was still impressed with his performance during the 5-year stretch he endured without winning a grand slam. Because during those […]

He doesn’t want to chill with anyone this weekend. He needs some alone time. The only person he plans to interact with is the pizza delivery guy. But as he’s checking his email, he sees something disturbing. He sees a picture of himself checking his email.

She wakes up in the hospital after getting eye surgery. She can finally see for the first time in her life. When her eyes focus on her husband, she can’t help but agree with the phrase, “Love is blind.”

Let me start off by stating that most of the staff at Hotel Anonymous are very warm and very friendly. And the food is OUTSTANDING. But sometimes, the staff members have as much common sense as the monkeys that roam about the hotel premises. Rishikesh, a hill station in Northern India, is filled with monkeys […]