Jim Thompson Disappearance

Jim Thompson House
Jim Thompson’s House

This is Jim Thompson’s house in Bangkok, Thailand. Jim Thompson was an American businessman who dominated the Thai Silk industry in the 1950s and 1960s. He was known as the ‘Thai Silk King’ because he brought Thailand’s silk industry back from the dead.

Before that he was an intelligence officer in WW2 and before that he was an architect in New York City. After WW2 ended, he settled in Thailand and built this elevated property — to protect it from potential flooding during the rains.

The floors are made of teak wood and walking barefoot on them is a wonderful feeling. Fun Fact: Jim Thompson was one of the first people in Thailand to have a western toilet in his house.

In 1967, Jim Thompson went missing while holidaying in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. He went for a stroll in the wilderness and was never seen again.

Many theories surround his disappearance — maybe a business rival murdered him, maybe he was kidnapped by enemies he made during his time as a spy, or maybe he unluckily fell into an aboriginal animal trap (a deep pit with spikes at the bottom and camouflaged with branches and leaves on top) and his body was hidden by aboriginals who were afraid of getting into trouble for accidentally killing South East Asia’s most famous expat.

Whatever the truth, visiting this house was a lot of fun because there’s nothing like an unsolved mystery to spark the imagination.

Yellow Yellow

When I wake up I’m horrified to find that my skin is completely yellow! I look like a Simpson’s character. In fact everything around me looks yellow. Was it something I ate? My cousin is visiting and we went out to eat last night. He’s sleeping beside me, snoring loudly, and he looks yellow too. Why is everything yellow?!

Just then I hear loud knocks on my door. “Rent!” The landlady demands.

It’s the first of this month and rent is due. But I can’t open the door, not like this.

I shake my cousin and try to wake him. He continues snoring. I slap him, “Wake up! Wake up!”

“Wh-what?” He finally opens his eyes.

I give him an envelope with cash. “Open the door and pay the landlady.”

“Why are you wear-”

“Just pay her!”

He gets out of bed and opens the door. She complains that he smells. She’s always complaining. After he pays her he goes to the bathroom.

I just got a new job and today is my first day. I cannot go to work like this — with yellow vision. I need this job or I won’t be able to pay rent next month.

There is knocking on the door again. “You gave me a torn note!” The landlady yells.

My cousin can’t open the door, he is still in the bathroom.

I open the door just a little and slowly stick my arm out, hiding the rest of my body. “Give me the torn note and I’ll give you a new one.” I say.

“Open the door.” She pushes it open. “Why are you wearing those ugly sunglasses?”

And then it dawns on me… I fell asleep with a new pair of sunglasses yesterday. I had been trying them on.

I give the landlady a new note and shut the door.

Hopefully I won’t do anything dumb at work today.


Writer: Rohan Parekh

50 Word Story: Temptation

His neighbor sent him leftover cake from last night’s party.

But he must lose weight this year. He must take drastic measures to avoid sugar.

He glares at the vile pink box, containing the fatal treat.

He opens the box. He unzips his pants. He pees on the pineapple cake.


Writer: Rohan