The Listener

He promises his dying wife that he will bring their daughter back home. Their daughter has been happy in the city, away from their hometown, because there she has a job, her own apartment, and once her father suspected that she started drinking with boys, he knew he’d have to take matters into his own hands.

Once he reaches his daughter’s home they start arguing. She doesn’t want to go back to their hometown and get married, she’s only 23! She doesn’t want to be a housewife for the rest of her life. She wants more work experience and she wants a Master’s degree. Her father tells her that she’s already been away from home for two years and that’s more than enough. She tells him to get out of her house because it’s her life and she’ll do what she wants.

That’s when he starts hitting her. He puts his hand over her mouth so nobody can hear her screams. He keeps hitting her until she stops breathing. Why couldn’t she just listen to him?

He secretly carries her body back to their hometown.

When he gets home his wife asks him, “Is she here? Bring her to me.”

The father carries the dead daughter and places her on a chair near her mother.

The dying mother’s eyesight is very weak so she can’t actually see that her daughter is dead.

The mother scolds her daughter, “Why didn’t you come earlier? Everyone has been asking when you will come back and get married and have children! Everyone is judging us as parents! You are so ungrateful after everything we’ve done for you! You just never listen!”

But the dead daughter doesn’t reply… obviously. This further enrages the mother.

The father watches his wife berate their daughter.

His wife doesn’t have much time left. He plans to bury both mother and daughter together.


Writer: Rohan

Kilo Killer Kamp

She went from a size 6 to a size 9 in less than a year because she eats while sleep-walking. It’s crazy to think that while she’s sleeping, she raids the fridge like some kind of savage barbarian.

In this country obesity isn’t seen as something beyond your control. If you’re fat, society will see you as a degenerate that is too lazy to be fit. It’s as simple as that and anyone overweight for their height and weight will be fined $100 per kilogram every month until they lose weight.

She’s 5 kilos overweight and has had to pay $500 per month for the last several months. If she gains another 5, she’ll be required to pay a fortune to lose weight at Kilo Killer Kamp (a brutal fitness boot camp). If she can’t afford to pay the monthly obesity fine, she’ll be deported. If she gains another 5 kilos and can’t afford Kilo Killer Kamp, she’ll be deported!

She grabs her skipping rope from her closet and starts skipping. While she’s skipping, she knocks over a lamp. She chides herself for carelessly destroying her mother’s gift but continues skipping. 15 minutes later she’s ready to collapse but she’s determined to keep going. She must become a size 6 again.

Soon her roommate Archie comes home. As usual, he opens her bedroom door without knocking.

“Instead of skipping why not run to the grocery store and buy some food?” He says. “I’m starving and you ate all my spaghetti and chips last night!”

“There’s too much pollution outside!” She tosses the skipping rope aside.

“I don’t care. You ate all my food.” Archie says.

“It’s a medical condition okay! I can’t control it.”

“If you were the Big Bad Wolf, you would’ve not only eaten the pigs, but their houses as well!”

“Stop being mean.” She says. “Now listen, you have to help me. I need a favor.”

“Not again. ” He groans.

“Please, I have a boyfriend now! He doesn’t say anything, but I know he’d be happier if I were slimmer!”

“Seriously? You have a boyfriend? He actually asked you out… in your condition?” Archie stares at her thighs.

“Yes, you asshole! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!”

“Only a blind eye could find you beautiful.”

“Will you please stop being you and just help?”

“Fine. What do you want?” He asks.

Archie is an annoying dickhead, but he can be a nice guy. Last month he paid her monthly obesity fine because her current job doesn’t pay very well.

“A treadmill.” She replies.

“Are you serious?”

“It’s for a good cause. I’ll pay you back… one day.”

Archie narrows his eyebrows, “Fine. You can use my credit card.”

“Thank you.”

“Wait, I have an idea about your sleep-eating.”


“Why not put a lock outside your door?” Archie suggests. “When you go to bed at night, I’ll lock it. Then you won’t be able to get out of your room. Call me when you wake up in the morning and I’ll unlock it.”

“Okay! It should work.”

She then decides to do some online research on the food she’s eaten in the past year, especially this new brand of bread called Breader. She discovers that people eating Breader are also eating in their sleep. Breader is one of the few bread brands available in the country, ever since the government banned many other brands for “health” reasons. Breader’s market share is growing every month.

Does the government want a portion of the population to gain weight knowing full well that Kilo Killer Kamps are unaffordable for most people? Does the government want an excuse to deport some of its own citizens?

The country is overpopulated so that would make sense. Most overweight people are deported because Kilo Killer Kamps are unaffordable… Kilo Killer Kamps are government-owned… Breader is also owned by the government… She smells the foul stink of conspiracy.

She throws her bread in the trash.

Two months later after skipping every day and running on the treadmill, she loses 10 kilos and drops to a size 5. She doesn’t sleep-eat anymore. In fact, she doesn’t even get up in her sleep. She looks and feels better.

Archie now finds her attractive. He tries to ask her out but she tells him that she’d rather go to Kilo Killer Kamp.

She starts applying for jobs in other countries because there’s no way she plans to stay here for the rest of her life. Hopefully her boyfriend will come with her.


Writer: Rohan

50 Word Story: The Wait

She’s been waiting since middle school for him to notice her.

Now she’s in college and he has his arm around her as they’re watching something on TV.

In a few moments they share their first kiss.

It’s amazing until the pimple next to his lip pops in her mouth.


Writer: Rohan


He’s driving to his ex-girlfriend’s place. He’s well over the speed limit but he’s too excited to slow down.

It’s been several years since they last spoke, but she texted him yesterday and as they sent flirty messages to each other, she hinted that she wanted to hook up with him. She even mentioned that she wanted him to “meet someone special ;)” Maybe she’s finally going to fulfil his fantasy of having a threesome?

Hopefully with her cousin. He always had a feeling that her cousin had a crush on him.

He reaches her place, jumps out of his car, and runs to her front door. He rings the doorbell, something he hasn’t done in a very long time, because he used to have a key to her home.

A little girl opens the door, “Hi dad!”


Writer: Rohan

50 Word Story: Date Night

Last night he met her at a party. She was a lot more outgoing. Maybe it was the alcohol?

Yesterday she had a tattoo on her neck, but not today.

Also, where’s the dimple on her right cheek?

And then he realizes… he’s on a date with the wrong twin.


Writer: Rohan

One Night Stand

He’s never had a romantic one-night stand before. His last thought before falling asleep with her is that he wants it to last more than a night.

The next morning he wakes up and she’s gone. On the bedside table is a note with her number on it. And there’s a glass of orange juice beside it.

How sweet, she remembered what he likes to drink first thing in the morning.

He reaches for the note but accidentally hits the glass, spilling orange juice all over her number.


Writer: Rohan

Body Unconscious

Arranged marriage. They’re about to make love for the first time. He doesn’t know she has small breasts (because she always stuffs her bra) and she doesn’t know he has erectile dysfunction. They undress each other. Both are surprised when they see that the other’s body isn’t what they thought it would be. They start laughing and cuddle all night.


Writer: Rohan

Fresh Blood

Part 1

There’s a knock on my office door followed by my secretary’s voice, “Your tea is ready. Why is the door locked?”

The door is locked because my hands are covered in my brother’s blood. I lost my temper when he confessed that he was sleeping with my wife. I may have hit him too hard.

“Hello?” My secretary asks. “Anyone there?”

“Give me a second.” I reply.

I put my fingers on my brother’s neck to feel his pulse.


Part 2

How do I get my brother’s dead body out of my office without anyone noticing? He weighs as much as a horse.

Mom always blamed me for his weight. She said I should’ve taken him with me to the gym. I blamed her because she wouldn’t stop feeding him.

With great effort I push my brother’s body to the corner. I open the door slightly, quickly take the tea from my secretary, and shut the door and lock it. I hope she doesn’t suspect anything, normally she comes in and sets the tea on the desk.

As I’m sipping my tea, I send a text to my wife: ‘I know about you and my brother.’


Part 3

My wife’s rushing to the office. I told her I want a divorce, which is bad news for her because we signed a prenup (my mom insisted on it) and I doubt she wants to go back to a middle-class lifestyle.

But what to do about my brother’s corpse… Should I throw it out the window and tell everyone he was depressed and committed suicide? Unfortunately, the corpse is too heavy. And he has visible head injuries that I caused with a paperweight, which may arouse suspicion of foul play.

I hear a loud banging on my office door.

“Can you please open the fucking door?” My wife shouts.

Hmm I think I’ll let her in after I finish my tea.


Part 4

“How could you do this?” My wife gasps when she sees her lover’s dead body.

“I should be asking you that.” I reply and open the window for some fresh air.

“I didn’t mean to fall in love with someone else. It just happened.”

“This also just happened.” I gesture towards my brother’s dead body.

“You’re a fucking psychopath.” She says.

“Tell me something I don’t know.”

In the next several seconds I do the following: I grab my wife’s hand and open it, I put the murder weapon in her hand and shut her hand around it, then I pick her up and throw her out the window. She stops screaming when she hits the ground.


Final Part

My mom and I are sitting in the living room.

It’s been a month since the papers reported that my wife murdered my brother and then jumped out my office window. They were having an affair and when he ended things with her (because he felt guilty), she was so angry that she beat him to death with a paperweight and then committed suicide.

“I still can’t believe everything that happened.” I say regretfully. “You warned me about her. You said she would ruin our family. And she did. I’m so sorry I didn’t listen to you.”

Mom doesn’t say anything for a few minutes. She gets up and goes to the kitchen. She comes back with two cups of tea.

“You’ve fooled everyone but me.” My mom says. “After you finish your tea, I don’t want to see you ever again.”

I take as long as possible to finish my tea. I’m going to miss my mom.


Writer: Rohan


He slowly unlocks the front door of his flat. His sister has never been good at keeping secrets. He shuts his eyes and steps inside, waiting for everyone to yell, “SURPRISE!”

But after a few moments of silence, he opens his eyes. The flat is empty. He looks around and finds a sticky note on the fridge: ‘Come to the terrace’

When he gets there only his sister is present. She wishes him a HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY.

She’s seated at a small round table, with a small chocolate cake on it. He got the exact same cake for her 30th birthday two years ago.

“I wanted to throw a big party for you.” She says. “But all our friends are busy with their kids.”

“Don’t worry about it.” He replies. “This is perfect.”

Their parents have been nagging both of them to get married and settle down.

“What will society think?” Their parents keep asking.

“Screw society.” They keep replying.

They’ll be fine as long as they have each other.


Writer: Rohan